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I am the executive director for the David Bohm Society.  I served as a member of the Bohm-Krishnamurti project.  The society also operates websites about Bohm Dialogue and a global dialogue directory for Bohm dialogue groups.  I host More Important Than Physics: The Podcast of the David Bohm Society.  I am a working group member in a separate organization that explores the potential of advanced metacognition.

The above interests stem from encountering the proposals of David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti that state human cognition is the origin of individual and cultural incoherence.  Wanting to understand human cognition is why I obtained a degree in psychology.

During my degree I tried to focus on transpersonal and experiential psychotherapeutic approaches as well as the neurobiology of behaviour.  Psychometrics was interesting but it always seemed to me that our measurements in this domain were often not getting at the real phenomena of interest.  I am still fascinated by Karl Pribram‘s brain/behaviour work and I continue to find value in reviewing his publications.

I am both fascinated and concerned by recent developments in AI (more specifically in the area of deep learning).  I am working to simulate thought in a general way.  I am exploring an intuition that Clifford algebras may open up new doors in AI.  Python is the programming language I use for convenience, but Forth is the only language I’ve found to be elegant.

I am in love with the natural world and believe that living in harmony with it and its rhythms ensures health.  I approach understanding health through the study of Ayurveda and I’m presently receiving education from the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine.  I run a forum on herbal medicine as a place to organize my findings and foster community.